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Online Agile Web Development Tools on Groovy and java
Online Agile Web Development Tools, Groovy, Java, Runtime Development, Web Forms, Process Management, Task Management, Document Management

What is this?

This is a platform where you can develop web applications online very rapidly with an pool of over 100 application ready to use.

Extreme functionality

This is also a place for fetching and using business apps from our developer stores. The apps allow you managing your atomi team's e-mails, work items, projects, sales and even manufacturing processes. Assign tasks, share e-mails received or sent, create custom processes, organize documents joint with emails. Start with the simplest tool set and ex

Be organized more everyday in work

If you are a developer, this platform is pushing the limits of business applications. Your web development will be 2 times faster at least. Everything is on the cloud, including the cloud and the data.If you are a business, with ready to use applications, you can ramp up your business. For example work with your work items anywhere, turn e-mails in

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